New Board

We are glad to announce Board 37:
Praeses: Thomas van keulen
Abactis/Match Secretary: Tycho Aardenburg
Fiscus: Jort Hille Ris Lambers
Lord of the Manor: Anton Dolganov
Acquisition: Kasra Lotfi

Opening of the season

After a summer break, rugby finally returns to the Ascot Manor II. On Thursday August 19 we will have our first training of the season, followed by a barbecue and some beers. If you are interested in student rugby, feel free to come along and try out the most beautiful sport in the world! The training will take place from 20:00-22:00 at Sportpark Corpus den Hoorn. You will have the possibility to get dressed at the Manor. We hope to see you all on Thursday!

Movember 2020

Last week, Movember came to an end.
The GSRC is extremely grateful for everyone that helped us raise a total of €285 for this great cause! We are also very proud of our members who helped to raise awareness for men’s health by growing a moustache!

First game of the season

Last Sunday, the studs took some hard fought points back to Groningen.
After driving all the way to Bemmel, the GSRC was ready for the first match of the season against RC Betuwe in an our brand new Canterbury kit. We started off strongly and spent most of the first half on the oppositions half. We had some nice interplay between the forwards and backs and played very structured, with a half time score of 5-10 for the GSRC as result.

In the second half, we weren’t able to play as well as we did before, allowing the opposition to get back into the game. Despite this, we kept our chins up the entire game and never lost hope. In the dying minutes, we scored a try to recover the lead and emerge victorious!

Final score: RC Betuwe 12-17 GSRC
Man of the match: Tsjuck Kingma

New season

We’ve had to live without rugby for a long time, due to the corona situation and summer break. However, the Studs are returning to town and soon we’ll be able to play our beautiful sport once again. For the GSRC, the new season starts on Thursday September 3rd with an introductory training. We would like to invite everyone interested in student rugby to this training, both the experienced and the inexperienced. After the training we will have a barbecue, during which we can get to know each other and consume some beers at an appropriate distance. The training will take place from 20:00 – 22:00 at Sportpark Corpus den Hoorn, so we’d like you to be there at 19:45. Our Manor and pitch are on the right side of the park, all the way in the back. We hope to see all of you there!

A word from a former member of the GSRC

1) Why did you join the G.S.R.C. for half a year?

I’ve always played Rugby throughout my life and it was an obvious choice to continue while in the Netherlands. The club from the outside seemed very welcoming to international students and looked like everything you’d expect from a typical Rugby club, and such, made my decision to join an easy one.

2) How did you find/hear about us?

I researched the club myself as I planned to play rugby before even arriving in Groningen. I found the club through the ACLO website, which took me to the website for the team. From there I found all the information that I needed.

3) What did you think of the rugby level at the G.S.R.C.?

Compared to Rugby standards in native rugby playing countries, it wasn’t as good. However, that being said, the standard was perfect for anyone wanting to get a start in Rugby. There was a great mix of experienced and new players. Experienced players didn’t make life hard for new players and in fact, were great a teaching the game. For experienced players, the standard was still great fun and there was still a challenge in winning games as a team.

4) What do you think about the atmosphere at the G.S.R.C.?

Brilliant. The connection and bond I created with the boys in the club was incredible and I’m sad to leave it after just one semester. Socially, the club created some of the most incredible and surreal experiences I had in Groningen. I couldn’t recommend enough for anyone keen for an amazing social University experience.

5) Was it combinable with studying?

As an exchange student, it certainly was. My studies weren’t too important and not once did I feel like Rugby was in the way of studying.

6) What did you enjoy most at the G.S.R.C.?

The social side of the club was amazing. As said earlier, some of the best experiences I had in Groningen were due to the G.S.R.C..

7) Would you recommend joining the G.S.R.C.?

100%. For experienced players, it is exactly what you want from a rugby club. For new players, it will open up a whole new world of sport, drinking and connections like nothing else.

Home game against DRC Phoenix

Last Sunday we played another game. This time against DRC Phoenix. During the first half we managed to create a lot of space and with the speed in our back line we managed to get the first few tries of the game on the board. In the first half we did not concede a lot of tries, yet in the second half due to poor weather conditions the ball slipped out of our hands quitte often, resulting in a more chaotic game with tries being made by both teams evenly. Even though the chaotic second half of the game we still managed to push trough and keep the points in Groningen where they belong. With now having won 2 games already in 2020 it promises to be another great year for the G.S.R.C. Final score: 38-21 Man of the Match: Eoin Doyle

First half of the season

The G.S.R.C looks back at a successful first half of the season. In the first half of the year we have trained week in, week out to build a strong and coherent team. We have had our new players make tremendous results in the first half of the year. From not having any experience playing Rugby, to winning the Jonghe Honde Tournament at the end of November. An incredible achievement from all of you guys! We have also had internationals that were only studying in Groningen for half a year playing for us as if they had always been a part of the Rugby studs. We will definitely miss all of you in the second half of the season and wish you the best onward! Besides playing Rugby we have also managed with all the guys at our club to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer through the Movember foundation. We can’t wait to participate in this great cause again next year. Besides the intense games and trainings we were also able to have a laugh with each other at one of our many events like our legendary team night, the delicious Christmas dinner and the drinks with our sister clubs from the Bares and the Walvisch. We look forward to the second half of the season and can’t wait to see all of the new faces that show during 2020.

2019 – 2020 season

The G.S.R.C. invites you for the 2019-2020 season! Please feel free to join our first training session Thursday the 22nd of August.
Training sessions are Tuesdays 18:00 – 20:00h and Thursdays 20:00h – 22:00h at Sportpark Corpus den Hoorn. We play our matches on Sundays. Everyone is welcome!

Trainingen zijn ‘open’ op dinsdag van 18:00 – 20:00 uur en donderdag van 20:00 – 22:00h en vinden plaats op Sportpark Corpus den Hoorn.
Wedstrijden zijn op zondag. Kom gerust een keer langs!

For questions/voor vragen:
Phone/WhatsApp: +31633345574
Facebook: rugbystuds


As the season has come to a final, so has training.

We will be back on the pitch come middle / end of August. The exact date will be posted here end of July.
Keep hitting the gym during the summer!

the 33rd Board of the G.S.R.C.