Results Match Weekend #3

G.S.R.C. 1 takes the shared first place in the league!

This sunday saw play from both the first and second teams. Sadly, the seccies had to take a tough punishment from the Burgers’ third team. Even though the match saw some good phases of play from the seccies, the Burgers were very much too strong, ending the match at 0 – 89. Luckily, many Burgers fell in the third half, showing some other qualities of the Studs.
Luckily, the flagship of the G.S.R.C. played an incredible game. After being up 7 – 19 after the first half, the Studs steamed onto a 7 – 61 away win against DRC Phoenix. Loads of lads managed to score tries and Cormac snagged the Man of the Match title.

Congrats lads!

G.S.R.C. 1

G.S.R.C. 2 / RC Groningen 4

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