Review of former members

Two great players, Jack from Australia and Alex from Great Britain, joined the G.S.R.C. at the beginning of this
season. Sadly, they could only stay for half a year. We conducted an interview with
Jack to learn about his experience at the G.S.R.C.

1) Why did you join the G.S.R.C. for half a year?
Jack: “I was only here until the end of January and had the opportunity to play for half
a year. Playing rugby in another country has also been something I’ve always wanted
to do so it was great to have this opportunity.”

2) How did you find/hear about us?
Jack: “I met some members of the G.S.R.C. at an ESN sports day, I showed my interest
and received a message a couple days later.

3) What did you think of the rugby level at the G.S.R.C.?
“I think the level was good in some parts, however lacked consistency. The standard
between the best teams and worst teams were big which was expected. I was
impressed with the level of the G.S.R.C. players, especially those players that have
only been playing for a few years. It’s great to see people playing and enjoying rugby
at all different levels.”

4) What do you think about the atmosphere at the G.S.R.C.?
“It has a great atmosphere!! They combine all the best things of rugby that I love. It
has to be a great atmosphere for people from all countries and feeling welcome.”

5) Was it combinable with studying?
“Yes definitely, I found it very combinable compared to back home when I would be
working, studying and playing rugby. But I think for anyone it would be combinable as
its only 1 or 2 trainings a week and a couple hours of your Sunday.”

6) What did you enjoy most at the G.S.R.C.?
“I loved the experience of playing rugby in a different country and realizing how
similar the culture is half way around the world. I loved playing but also the social
aspects and getting to know people over a couple beers.”

7) What did you not like at the G.S.R.C.?
“That I wasn’t able to finish the whole season.”

8) Would you recommend joining the G.S.R.C.?
“Definitely!! Was a great decision, broadens your friends’ group whilst studying in
Groningen and allows you to play a bit of rugby in a new place. You get to meet great
people and have a new experience you wouldn’t of expected by just playing another
sport here.”

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