Gouden Klomp 2019

Not too long ago we played our yearly match versus the old members of our club, the Bokke.
A day filled with plenty of food, stories of the old days and ofcourse a grand match.

We cannot wait for next year to see everyone once again!

Review of former members

Two great players, Jack from Australia and Alex from Great Britain, joined the G.S.R.C. at the beginning of this
season. Sadly, they could only stay for half a year. We conducted an interview with
Jack to learn about his experience at the G.S.R.C.

1) Why did you join the G.S.R.C. for half a year?
Jack: “I was only here until the end of January and had the opportunity to play for half
a year. Playing rugby in another country has also been something I’ve always wanted
to do so it was great to have this opportunity.”

2) How did you find/hear about us?
Jack: “I met some members of the G.S.R.C. at an ESN sports day, I showed my interest
and received a message a couple days later.

3) What did you think of the rugby level at the G.S.R.C.?
“I think the level was good in some parts, however lacked consistency. The standard
between the best teams and worst teams were big which was expected. I was
impressed with the level of the G.S.R.C. players, especially those players that have
only been playing for a few years. It’s great to see people playing and enjoying rugby
at all different levels.”

4) What do you think about the atmosphere at the G.S.R.C.?
“It has a great atmosphere!! They combine all the best things of rugby that I love. It
has to be a great atmosphere for people from all countries and feeling welcome.”

5) Was it combinable with studying?
“Yes definitely, I found it very combinable compared to back home when I would be
working, studying and playing rugby. But I think for anyone it would be combinable as
its only 1 or 2 trainings a week and a couple hours of your Sunday.”

6) What did you enjoy most at the G.S.R.C.?
“I loved the experience of playing rugby in a different country and realizing how
similar the culture is half way around the world. I loved playing but also the social
aspects and getting to know people over a couple beers.”

7) What did you not like at the G.S.R.C.?
“That I wasn’t able to finish the whole season.”

8) Would you recommend joining the G.S.R.C.?
“Definitely!! Was a great decision, broadens your friends’ group whilst studying in
Groningen and allows you to play a bit of rugby in a new place. You get to meet great
people and have a new experience you wouldn’t of expected by just playing another
sport here.”

Movember 2018

Every year during the month of November, awareness is being raised for the devastating disease of prostate cancer.
Many men around the world grow out their moustaches for Movember and so too does the G.S.R.C.

Thanks to these lads yet again a great sum of money was collected and donated to further research into prostate cancer.
Above a small overview of this years’ results!

Jonghe Honden competition match #1

Last Friday the G.S.R.C. Jonghe Honden traveled to the capital of our country for their first competition match against ASRV Ascrum. A beautiful match followed, in which both teams showed amazing passion on the field. Sadly we had to leave the points in Amsterdam as the final score was 45 – 26.

Movember Update

Less than two weeks to go for Movember!
The Studs have been busy growing their manly staches and some great results have already come in. Sadly, not all of us can have such a beautiful ‘stache as Dom James, but we’re doing our best!
At the end of the month we’ll present the final results, all to raise awareness for men’s health!


Seccies / Burgers sadly lose to the top team.

Last Sunday was the first away game for the Seccies, in which they immediately faced the top team of the league: RC Drachten 1. Before gathering behind CS, the forwards gathered at the Burger King for a proper breakfast, which quickly showed its effect in the match: the seccies came away with wins from all own scrums and contested many from Drachten!
In what proved to be a tough match, Drachten took advantage of small mistakes on the Seccies’ side, resulting in many tries for the Frysian side, who’s conversion kicker only missed two attempts. However, the Seccies played one of their best games of the season so far, resulting in a try for the Burgers’ Chris, making a fantastic run through the Drachter defense.
Sadly, many players came out injured, we hope to see them back soon!

Results Match Weekend #3

G.S.R.C. 1 takes the shared first place in the league!

This sunday saw play from both the first and second teams. Sadly, the seccies had to take a tough punishment from the Burgers’ third team. Even though the match saw some good phases of play from the seccies, the Burgers were very much too strong, ending the match at 0 – 89. Luckily, many Burgers fell in the third half, showing some other qualities of the Studs.
Luckily, the flagship of the G.S.R.C. played an incredible game. After being up 7 – 19 after the first half, the Studs steamed onto a 7 – 61 away win against DRC Phoenix. Loads of lads managed to score tries and Cormac snagged the Man of the Match title.

Congrats lads!

G.S.R.C. 1

G.S.R.C. 2 / RC Groningen 4

Results Match Weekend #2

The first team comes out on top whilst the second team played a great second half!

Last Sunday featured home matches for both the first team and the seccies together with the Burgers. The seccies kicked off at 13.00h where they faced a physically strong RC Greate Pier 2. After being down by many tries at half time, they bounced back to play a strong second half, showing great skill and potential from the studs.
Afterwards, the first team kicked off at 14.30h featuring a great line-up including new lads and returning players. After a first half where the game could go in any direction, with both teams grabbing the lead, the studs returned to the field for a strong second half. Sadly Jan had to leave the field injured, but the studs came out on top, earning a well-desired second place in the league!

ESN Meets ACLO 2017

The studs were present at ESN meets ACLO to show the new international students what rugby is about and what we can offer them! We had a great time and met fun people, we hope to see you at training sessions and matches!

A small reminder: the season starts on September 10th, so drop by before then to get some pre-season training in!