The Groninger Studenten Rugby Club

The Groninger Studenten Rugby Club is a one of a kind. The combination of our long history (we were founded in 1986) and the fact that we are the only student rugby club in the northern Netherlands makes us unique. We understand that being a student means more than just studying, and that is what the GSRC is all about.

Maybe you did, or maybe you didn't play rugby before, at the GSRC that doesn't matter. The GSRC is for everyone and will make your time in Groningen worthwhile!

Are you a student who wants to play one of the most intense sports on the planet and experience the rugby life? Than send a mail to the board via or simply search for us on Facebook!

If you want to join us for a training session, feel free to join us on Tuesday (18.00 - 20.00) or Thursday (20.00 - 22.00) at Sportpark Corpus den Hoorn.

The G.S.R.C. is proudly sponsored by:


ESN Meets ACLO 2017

The studs were present at ESN meets ACLO to show the new international students what rugby is about and what we can offer them! We had a great time and met fun people, we hope to see you at training sessions and matches!

A small reminder: the season starts on September 10th, so drop by before then to get some pre-season training in!



The Groninger Studenten Rugby Club is searching for new players and we want you to join!

We are proud to be the only student rugby team in the north, and yet still one of the best!
We have a rich history full of traditions and events and can promise great sport and great social

We understand that studying sometimes comes first, but every man needs a time out for sport and beers. Rugby is a great sport for releasing the frustrations of studying, and rugby social nights are another perfect break from school. Surround yourself with a new sport, lifelong friends and play rugby with the rugby studs, the best guys in the best sport in the world!




Matchday! GSRC – RC Wildrovers

Sunday is a rugby day! Last Sunday the men of the GSRC made this true again.
The second team made a good effort against the leader of the league, but lost with 17-50.
The first team finished their season strong with a win of 80-0 against RC Wild Rovers.

Thanks to Jurrien Perdok we have some awesome photos to remember this game.


Here you can find when and where the next game will be held. Come and look at one of our games and see the greatest club play!

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Here you can find information about the GSRC board members. They are responsible for keeping our club awesome!

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Ascot Manor II

Here you can find information about the Ascot Manor II, training sessions and renting the manor. The best place to play the thirth half!

Visit the Ascot Manor II >>>

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