A word from a former member of the GSRC

1) Why did you join the G.S.R.C. for half a year?

I’ve always played Rugby throughout my life and it was an obvious choice to continue while in the Netherlands. The club from the outside seemed very welcoming to international students and looked like everything you’d expect from a typical Rugby club, and such, made my decision to join an easy one.

2) How did you find/hear about us?

I researched the club myself as I planned to play rugby before even arriving in Groningen. I found the club through the ACLO website, which took me to the website for the team. From there I found all the information that I needed.

3) What did you think of the rugby level at the G.S.R.C.?

Compared to Rugby standards in native rugby playing countries, it wasn’t as good. However, that being said, the standard was perfect for anyone wanting to get a start in Rugby. There was a great mix of experienced and new players. Experienced players didn’t make life hard for new players and in fact, were great a teaching the game. For experienced players, the standard was still great fun and there was still a challenge in winning games as a team.

4) What do you think about the atmosphere at the G.S.R.C.?

Brilliant. The connection and bond I created with the boys in the club was incredible and I’m sad to leave it after just one semester. Socially, the club created some of the most incredible and surreal experiences I had in Groningen. I couldn’t recommend enough for anyone keen for an amazing social University experience.

5) Was it combinable with studying?

As an exchange student, it certainly was. My studies weren’t too important and not once did I feel like Rugby was in the way of studying.

6) What did you enjoy most at the G.S.R.C.?

The social side of the club was amazing. As said earlier, some of the best experiences I had in Groningen were due to the G.S.R.C..

7) Would you recommend joining the G.S.R.C.?

100%. For experienced players, it is exactly what you want from a rugby club. For new players, it will open up a whole new world of sport, drinking and connections like nothing else.

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